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tv   Democracy Now  LINKTV  January 17, 2013 9:00am-10:00am PST

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west gave at the northwestern law school event, a truly remarkable speech. three auditoriums filled with people from a standing room only and standing ovations after word that the law school. if you would like to get their book, you can pledge $75 and the book is yours. 8663594334. "the rich and the rest of us." the dvd of our entire conversation during the show, after the show as well as the whole northwestern university law school event, with the speech of tavis smiley, cornell west, lupe the great musician, and many others came. it was amazing. it had been organized about a week before and 1000 people came out. two days after the reelection of
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president obama. in the book, they write there are nearly 150 pour and near poor people in america who are not responsible for the damage done by the great recession, yet they pay the price. they did not create the deindustrialization of america. one of the largest economic institutions in the world were brought to their collective knees, they went crawling to the government in search of salvation. the government obliged, allowing them to socialize on the backs of mainstream americans. the housing and job crisis they created fostered a poverty unseen in generations not just an inner-city ghettos, but also in suburbs and rural areas, crossing racial, age, and gender lines. nearly one-third of the american middle-class, mostly families with children have fallen into poverty. the book is yours for $75.
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the dvd of our full conversation on and off the air and the full event the night before his yours for contribution of $100. put that together and you can have them for $150. call 866-3594334. it is your call that makes the difference. you may democracy now! happen every day on linktv. on monday, we will be in the nation's capital bringing you a five-our inauguration special from 8:00 eastern standard time in the morning to 1:00 p.m. go to for details. please call right now, 866-359- 4334. we're going to go to the conversation and i encourage you to call and even if this conversation goes on to make sure your phone calls its through the shutters support for
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linktv and [captioning made possible by democracy now!] it is independent. it is brought to by journalists and artists. if you appreciate that, make the call that makes the difference. 866-309-4334. tavis smiley hosts two shows. with cornelleaking west. to give the specific introduction, professor of philosophy and christian practice in new york was a professor at princeton and before that at harvard, new york times best-selling author of numerous books, co-host in the radio show with tavis smiley. there are in this book "the rich and the rest of us." when we sat down in the studio in chicago, two days after the election, i asked cornell west
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and tavis smiley about the reelection of president obama. i asked them about the fact we are in the president city. he had just flown out the day before and what this next four years means. >> it is morally obscene and spiritually profane to spend billions of dollars on the elections and not have any serious discussion on poverty, trade unions being pushed against the wall, declining wages, the 1% signer doing very well. no talk about drones, dropping bombs on innocent people. we end up with such a truncated discourse as a major problems, ecological catastrophe, climate change, global warming. it was very sad.
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i'm glad there was not a right- wing takeover, but we in up with the republican rockefeller in black face with barack obama. so that our struggle intensifies. >> that is a pretty rough assessment of president obama. >> that is what we have. richard nixon is to the left of him on health care. richard nixon is to the left of him on guaranteed income and the same policies in terms of imperial foreign policy is at work. i was glad to see romney did not win. we push back the right-wing takeover. we have a right wing mentality. where is a serious talk about investment, jobs, fighting privatization of education? our battle is just beginning. we have yet to take off the gloves. we have been fighting.
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>> president obama said to harry belafonte, according to harry, why don't you and cornell west, some slack? and harry belafonte responded, what might makes you think we are not? >> exactly. i want to ask you about bill o'reilly and tavis smiley. i don't know if you're watching fox on election night, but this is what bill o'reilly had to say about the outcomes of the election. >> what is your sense? he looked at these exit polls. >> my sense of the evening is, is that romney loses in ohio, the president is reelected. >> how do think we got to that point questor president obama's approval rating was so low. this is hypothetical. we don't know who is even winning right now, never mind who won. how do think it got this tight. >> because it is a changing country. it is not a traditional america anymore.
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there are 50% of the voting public who want stuff. they want things. and who is going to give them things? president obama. he knows it. he ran on it. and whereby 20 ears ago president obama would have been roundly defeated by an establishment candidate like mitt romney. the white establishment is now the minority. the voters, many of them, feel the economic system is stacked against them, and they want stuff. you're going to see a tremendous hispanic vote for president obama, overwhelming black vote for president obama. and women will probably break president obama's way. people feel that they are entitled to things. and which candidate between the two is going to give them things? tavist was bill o'reilly,
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smiley. >> well, i asked a moment ago whether i was watching fox on election night. the answer is no. this is precisely why i was not watching fox on election night, and also why i don't watch a lot of msnbc, either. i don't like being spun to the right or left. what i prefer is to get at some truth, and that is why i appreciate democracy now! i don't know where to start in terms of dissecting what i just heard. this is precisely why the republicans lost. if they think this is the narrative that is one help them went into the future, then they need to put down the crack pipe. they are stuck on stupid if they think the strategy is a winning strategy. you discuss this on the program before, but in the most multicultural, multiracial, multiethnic america ever, that dog just won't hunt. if they cannot figure out a way to expand their base, the gop is going down.
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i don't like the two-party system. i surely don't want to live in a one-party state. i appreciate competition. i wish there were more parties. but if this is the narrative they think they can sell to the american people into the future and help them win elections, i don't know what they're thinking. it's tragic to listen to. it's an echo chamber to our right, because this really sounds like mitt romney on the videotape they came out of the 47%. >> this should not be revolutionary to talk about poverty. it should not radical at all to do the critical issues in this country. but if you look at the last month of this political campaign of the presidential campaign, poverty was almost mentioned almost not at all. yet a new report is warning global inequality has reached a 20-year high according to the group save the children, poverty
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that had previously been concentrated in the world's lowest income countries is now on the rise and middle-income countries which account for 7% of the world's poor. let's talk about that, dr. west. >> it is sad in america of we are 34 out of 35 of the top industrial when it comes to poverty. only romania. a >> 34 of 35. 22% of our precious children of all colors live in poverty in the richest nation in the history of the world. that is on scene and profane. no serious talk about it. in the black communities, nearly 40%. brown nearly 40% of the children. >> how have we come to this? >> shameful silence on behalf of the leaders that do not want to tell the truth about the suffering of poor people. >> on top of that, corporate greed. on top of that, political
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indifference. on top of that, sidelining of progressive voices over the last four years. there are many reasons. the ultimate question now is, to whatever extent there is hope in a second term for president obama, the ultimate question is if we -- are we ready to push? that is why dr. west and i love the curtis mayfield song, "keep on pushing. we have to ask ourselves what condemnation do we want to be? what kind [indiscernible] are we going to be to make the nation that we want to live in. i am hoping that those on the left to have been so quiet are going to start to push this president. as we all did the day after the election, and to their great credit, the latino kurdiswent on record the day after letting the
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president in the whole world know what they had done to elect barack obama to a second term. and they laid out immediately what their expectations were, what their demands were. there's a long line wrapped around the white house vowed to push him. but the latino leaders, they get it. they did not waste any time saying, "we got you reelected and here's what we expect." >> talk more about what it is you're going to do, this convening york or to be doing in washington. the inauguration is on dr. martin luther king's birthday. >> the 21st of january. through four days prior on the 17th, we will be at george washington university for a live symposium on c-span and pbs and on public radio. we're talking specifically about how we get this president -- demanding, in fact, that he call a white house conference on the eradication of poverty. to his credit, the first thing he did four years ago when elector was on the lilly ledbetter. were demanding out what he called immediately on what has
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come for the on the eradication of poverty. let's craft a national plan to cut poverty and half in 10 years, to move toward eradicating it in 25 years. this is not a skill problem, it's a will problem. do we have the will to do this? if he wants to aim for the fences, if he wants to be a great american president, if he wants to leave behind a legacy -- and we read in the new york times from all his private talks with these his store and said that is what it wants to do, leave a legacy of the great transformational president -- we say take on the issue of poverty so that all of america benefits. january 17, we're going to demand that these leaders have bought in debt -- all of these leaders have gone into this. i mentioned geoffrey sax in marion wright edelman and cornell west, coming together. go online and sign the letter to the president that he is serious about calling the white house --
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>> how to end poverty in america? prexy have to have an awakening. you have to have people were willing to put their bodies on the line. i think what is happening now, moving into the second term, the black prophetic tradition has quite enough. what was the open letter to president obama? strong. there is an awakening -- and when the black prophetic tradition might set, you got something because then you got jamal and leticia on the block beginning to say, "i need to talk politically, not be addicted to this cultural, superficial spectacle." and that is what we are about >> and yet have the whole discussion about the bipartisan consensus. republican house speaker john boehner told newly reelected president obama he wants to see
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obama succeed. >> mr. president, this is your moment. we are ready to be led -- not as democrats or republicans, but as americans. we want you to lead. not as a liberal or conservative, but as president of the united states of america. we want you to succeed. challenge ourselves to find the common ground that has eluded us. let's rise above the dysfunctions and to the right thing together for our country. >> there you have house speaker john boehner. >> i appreciate the sentiment, but the words at the moment, we will see what kind of truth, what kind of authenticity there is behind those words when the president, now back in washington, sits down with republicans to deal with that word i hate, sequestration. when you start dealing with these cuts on the table -- with said many times, budgets are moral documents. when they get into the weeds about these numbers and about
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the priorities, we will see how strong sentiment comes through. >> my spontaneous response is i believe those words, and the flying nun of eskimo origin. everything is possible. >> there is always hope. >> the crackdown happens from the beginning. the discussion is all about how far right to you go. and groups who are concerned about issues like poverty, issues of social justice are being told, "you're going to be lucky -- you just have to be quite right now, because we're talking about these massive cuts." do not undercut the president. >> that is the same thing we heard the first term. we see where we are now. part of the reason why the race was as close as it was, too often in the first time the president compromise, capitulated, caved, and oftentimes negotiate against himself with republicans.
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i hope we've learned a lesson, that he has learned a lesson, the sometimes you have to draw a line in the sand read as my grandfather said, there's some fights that ain't worth fighting if theven if he went, but theree other fights to have to fight even if you lose. the president has to stand and some immutable principles and try to advance the conversation. >> maybe it is the bipartisan consensus that is the problem in washington, not the gridlock, right? you see reflected in the presidential debates. there is no debate over drones. there is no discussion of poverty. absolutely no mention of climate change. and it does this represent the majority of people in this country? hardly, i think this election shows. >> not at all. you have the far right any of the center-right. republican party, democratic party. we want -- and without knowing
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his to the progress of on the left telling the truth about the suffering. 40% of white babies were going to bed every night in their starving or not having enough to eat. it would be a different discussion. each baby has the same value, but we afford% of the babies of color you're going to bed told toand werewe're be silent? massive investment for public housing question of massive investment for public education? and we're getting privatization on each front? there is no way we're going to be silent. he would have to crush us to the earth and to dennis us to the worms before we're going to be silent. >> tavis smiley and cornel west, part of the discussion we had the week of the election, just about two months ago. we urge you to go to the phone. the number to call is 866-359- 4334.
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866-359-4334. "the rich and the rest of us" is yours for $75. the entire dvd for $100. $150 for the book and dvd if you call 866-359-4334. 866-359-4334. as we turn now to cornell west, the night before we sat down in the chicago studio, we had in event, a form at northwestern law school. three rooms were reserved, three auditoriums. it was not clear if there of the overflow. it was packed with a thousand people. first, tavis smiley spoke, then i talk about the importance of independent media. ended by talking about the 14- year-old african-american boy who was born in chicago. his mother wanted him out, the
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summer of 1955, for the summer, so she sent him to be with family in money, mississippi. he was a sleep one night at his aunt and uncle's house when a white mob came in drag him out of bed and they lynched him read he ended up in the bottom of the tallahassee river. they said he will for whistled at a white woman. his mother taught him to whistle when he stuttered. when his body was dredged up and sent back to chicago, his mother said she wanted the casket open for the wake and funeral. she wanted the world to see the ravages of racism, the brutality of bigotry. she had something in port to teach all of the media. showed the pictures. show the images. that is where dr. west of union theological seminary began.
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>> tonight i won't take too much time. [indiscernible] my dear sister ended dearmamie till. august 19. you will recall what she said. i will pursue justice for the rest of my life. [applause] that is the tradition [indiscernible] when a, chicago, i think of the love trend that curtis mayfield was thinking about. are you ready to get on the train? that is why i gave brother lupe
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a hug and love ali so much. there in terkel to who we are. if you really have courage to tell the truth and bear witness and not afraid to die, if you're willing to commit with a tradition bigger than you. the last line of one of the revolutionary pamphlets, what did he say? he said, poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world. poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world. [applause] he meant all of those who have the courage to use their imagination and empathy to conceive of the world that is
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better than one with their is too many ratchets of the earth be it latin america or the south side of chicago. every lawyer enact already presupposes a certain vision of what the world is, so if your dollars if your world is confined the status quo, it will be truncated to the legislation. so when we talk about public airways, we raise the question of public life. why is it our public life is so impoverished and so that u.s.? it is not just public airways, it is public education. look at the vicious attack on our precious young people with protest education grid thank god for sister lewis, wherever she is free to thank god for the union. [applause] tell the truth. how are you going to have 685 schools and 202 nurses for this precious children a customer one out of four even have parts.
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we wonder why they take [indiscernible] public life is so thin in our society. the very bonds that connect us as citizens, not consume us. as human beings concern about the quality of common good, show me a democracy that has impoverished public life and i will show you one that is dominated by oligarchs and plutocrats driven by profit maximization that will do anything in order to get over with the 11th commandment "thou shall not get caught"? scandal after scandal. when you get caught, you pay money. you don't go to jail?
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let's put this in perspective in light of our poet. just the first of ours, not a musician from altman beings can conceive of a better world and refused to defer to the status quo the way it is. and it is a love train. what i like about the three of us, we're all on the love train. yes. when you really love folks, you cannot stand being treated unjust. if you don't say something, rocks are going to shout out. yes, there's fire in your bones. you have got to feel it. it is not just an aspect. it is a choice that you say, "this is the way i want to live my life." brother hatch knows what i'm talking about. love you, brother. we need more of it.
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let's be honest. we live in a society where everything is up for sale. everybody is up for sale. who is talking about integrity? who is trying to talk about conceding of another world and go down swinging like macaulay or ella fitzgerald? that is what is so sad about the present situation. i am glad about the fact that we fought against a right-wing takeover of the white house. that is important. but the problem is, our politicians, including our dear brother barack obama, still has a conservative mentality when it comes to a session with austerity. what are you going to cut? what you mean, what you going to cut. star with the prison industrial complex. how come you can find money for that? money, money, money for the
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prison industrial complex. when he going to cut that? you know what i'm talking about. one trillion dollars in the last 20 years for the prison industrial complex. when it comes to quality housing and education, the struggle. when it comes to quality jobs or living wage, i'm not talking about low wage, i am talking about wages or you can feed your family with dignity. [applause] to the military- industrial complex. you got money for those smart drones, don't you? dropping bombs on innocent people. about 3500 is a war crime, is what it is. you talk about nagasaki, that is a war crime. hiroshima, that is a war crime. you do not kill innocent folk.
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osama bin laden questions may be. but don't kill his daughter. emmett till's mother could have said, i'm tired of these white folks were silent when it comes to american -- but start arbitrary killing fog. she said, no. she knew. hatred is a cowards revenge against those who intimidate you. hatred is always cowardly. she refused to be a coward. she is going to take the high ground rigged but she was still going to tell the truth. part of the problem is our public air waves for $6 billion spent on the election. $2 billion on the presidential election. hardly a mumbling word about poverty or the prison industrial complex are the new jim crow or the trade unions dealing with declining wages with the province still exponentially growing on the oligarchy greek
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and plutocratic agreed. what kind of public debate we have? [applause] we just had an election. where is the substance? where is the content? what about the precious children? america is 34 the top 35 nations when it comes to child poverty ahead of only romania but i love romania, but they're not on the cutting edge of the struggle for justice. 34 of 35. did you hear customer due to hear public discussion about child poverty? -- did you hear public discussion about child poverty? you think martin luther king died talking about harvey for nothing? how can we cannot even raise the issue questor because it is truncated, suffocated by the oligarchy and plutocratic
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interest. and that is not just big words. we're talking about big money, big corporations, big banks getting 42% of all the profits in america. it is call the financialization of capitalization. or another way of saying bankers are not accountable. [laughter] that is why they can engage in criminal activity like insider trading, market manipulation of predatory lending. and not one of them persecuted or investigated. not one went to jail. lead to market caught on the south side of chicago on a corner and he goes straight to jail. how long can we put up with it? how long are we going to put up with it? that is what we're talking about today. we're at the press office. relations between the prison industrial complex, the military-industrial complex,
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wall street oligarchy complex, and the corporate media. fox news. power points of the conservative version of oligarchy rule in the country. republican party. they're in deep trouble. they've got some challenges. [laughter] msnbc, power point of the obama administration. a very colorful. [laughter] they got colorful faces on there now. i'm a christian and i love everyone pretty you know that, father. people got upset i call the president the black mascot of wall street oligarchs. i'm a christian, i love mascots. [laughter] but when you bailout banks not
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to the tune of $16 trillion but refused to bail out homeowners or when you bailout your workers, you can brag about bailing out your workers, but how come they have to change their contracts and deal with low wages and layoffs, but wall street didn't? the compensation for executives continues to be obscene and profane and nobody could raise a mumbling word in the corporate truncated multiplex. thank god for amy goodman and tavis smiley on television. that is true. [applause] and there is no way we will ever be able to reinvigorate and rejuvenate our public life unless we have was socrates had -- turned a line 24 a right before he was putting in the
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desk condemning him to death, he stood before the jury and said -- the cause of my and popularity and fear of a speech, frank speech, and intimidated speech, telling the truth whenever the price is, try to tell the truth of the suffering to speak, acknowledging your fallible but at the same time knowing there's too much mendacity and lying going on in the corporate truncated multiplex. even the christian myself chooses was crucified, why question because he went straight to the temple. he ran out the money changers. the temple was a combination of that time of wall street, hollywood, recording, video, radio industry and white house congress, state house and city hall -- talking about you, brother run. that's right, i am talking about you.
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that is right. uh huh, that's righ. oh,yeah. [applause] oh, yeah. i don't hate individuals, i hate injustice. i don't care what color they are i don't care what religion or non-religion they have. it is a matter of trying to be honest, to make sure people are accountable, answerable, and responsible, especially when it comes to the orphan and the widow and the fatherless and motherless and poor, gay, bisexual, black, brown. let us never forget our precious indigenous brothers and sisters 1492, world war rahman one. i'm going to talk about it if i'm the last person in the country that does. my brothers and sisters, too. brother danny knows what i'm talking about. the [applause] that is a tradition that is open
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to all of as a matter what color we are. it is the choice is that we may. are we going to be so seduced and tinted dollar-tinted by the money dangled, the status and wealth offered, or are we going to be on our way to the graves. finally getting to our bodies, we say, this person was on fire for something bigger than just the ground and the worms. it was about love, justice for justice is what love looks like in public. there is only justice that generates and is something less than justice, you're going to need the love supreme of john coltrane was talking about if we're going to sure the public airwaves because when the division, mobilizing, love at the center of it. across ways, ethnicity -- even across class three we're looking
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at the world from the vantage point from the malcolm x said, some of us are going down fighting to ensure it humanity is always a firms. [applause] >> that was cornel west speaking at northwestern law school in the middle of november, the week of president obama's re- election. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. we are asking you to become l a member toink tv, 866-359-4334. you can get the dvd of the entire evening. that was a small portion. that would be $100 contribution. if you would like the book by tavis smiley and cornel west -- cornel west is a professor here in new york. before that, longtime professor at princeton and before that at harvard. speaking along with tavis smiley, the pbs and public radio
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offering it today for $150. they write in their book, there are nearly 150 port and airport in america were not responsible for the damage, the recession that they pay the price for the poor did not credit the deindustrialization of america and match corporate profit- sharing and three more than a decade of foreign wars and unregulated tax benefits for the wealthy. one of the lotus economic institutions and were brought to their collective knees, they went crawling to the government's doorstep in search of salvation rid the government obliged. on wall street to socialize its failure on the backs of mainstream americans. the housing and jobs crisis that created fostered a poverty and singing in generations not just an inner-city ghettos, but also in suburbs and rural areas crossing racial, age, and gender lines, nearly one-third of the american middle class, mostly families and children is born into poverty, that is the book. it is yours for $75 for the use of cornel west. if you want more of that evening, we urge you to call 866-359-4334.
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9:51 am
the public arena have become one voice, mind, heart committed to raising consciousness about dr. king's of phrase it, things that matter. tavis smiley and cornel west are in washington today for a poverty summit. democracy now! will be in washington on monday for a five- hour special inauguration day broadcast from 8:00 in the morning until 1:00 in the afternoon eastern time, bringing you the full ceremony as well that includes, among others, the widow of the late great civil- rights leader medgar evers who was gunned down in his front yard. not so long after he first spoke on public television station, a television station where -- in mississippi where he talked about civil-rights. the television station run by the klan for years until want
9:52 am
everett parker took on the station and got its license revoked, handed to the civil- rights group. that is when medgar evers was hurt. today he celebrates his 100th birthday here in new york. i urge you to go to and see our interview with him. we interviewed him a few years ago. an amazing figure in media and sell rights history. 866-359-4334. 866-359-4334. make the call that makes it possible for link tv to continue. 866-359-4334. 866-359-4334. make that call i could -- choose any page to start as tavis and cornel west right, we have traveled thousands of miles to gather, conducted countless media interviews and sat in homes, spoke in a town hall meetings to gather and here we are collaborating in our first
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book on a subject that matters to us deeply. poverty in america has impacted our lives. we urge you to go to the phone right now. as professor cornel west rights -- poverty is not an abstraction. it was a story of his childhood. is working poor, struggling parents and grandmother and a strip the decoster household in the space that was not built for 13 people. when is and was murdered, the smelly bum became the safety net for her four children breathe here remembers the humiliation going to school. success today perhaps cannot erase the imprint of poverty from his psyche. and then tavis smiley rightswri-
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